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SportFit Package


Science, not guesswork

Today, we are bombarded by confusing, conflicting, complicated messages. A friend read a book about some new efficient running technique; someone down at your triathlon club recommended a new supplement to aid recovery; you read an article in a magazine about how we all have genetic predispositions that suit us to certain types of training.

It’s hard to know what to believe, which bits of information apply to you. If you make these changes, will they help you, or might some of these changes hinder you? How can you know for sure?

The SportFit package is designed to take the hearsay and guesswork out. It will arm you with the facts, personalised to you. This package of care combines the latest at-home finger-prick blood test, a cheek swab genetic test and bespoke diet and lifestyle analysis with customised nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Will it make me faster?

Understanding which foods cause you gastrointestinal distress, can be the difference between a PB and a DNF. Intense exercise increases your body’s requirements for vital nutrients – giving your body the exact nutrients you need personally, will improve recovery times and give you more energy for training and races.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that sportsmen and women who understand their genetic predispositions stick to their diets better, gain extra motivation and improve their performance. You will learn how to optimise your training time to fit your individual genetics. Testing won’t tell you what sport you should do, but it can help you reach your potential more effectively and more quickly. It can tell you how to train to avoid injuries and fatigue and how to maintain peak performance.

What's included?

Genetic profiling:

  • Your power vs. endurance predisposition, your amount of fast-twitch versus slow-twitch muscle fibres. Knowing this ratio tells you how to split your training between power (high intensity cardio, weights & sprints) and endurance (cardio, treadmill, long runs)
  • Your aerobic potential (VO2 Max). How to train to attain your best aerobic performance
  • Your post-exercise recovery rate and therefore how much rest you need
  • Your sports injury resilience or personal injury risk. How to adjust your training to minimise your injury risk
  • Your post exercise/recovery macronutrient needs for restoring energy
  • Your response to carbohydrates
  • Your response to saturated fats
  • Your lactose tolerance
  • Your genetic need for anti-oxidants, B vitamins, Vitamin D, omega 3’s
  • Your salt, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity
  • Your genetic detoxification predispositions (how well you eliminate toxins)

Nutritional blood test:

  • Anti-TTG (gluten sensitivity)
  • HS-CRP (inflammation)
  • Folate
  • Full Blood Count
  • HbA1c (average blood glucose)
  • Iron Profile
  • Lipid Profile (cholesterol)
  • Liver Function
  • Vitamin D

In-clinic tests:

  • Hip to waist ratio
  • BMI
  • Base metabolic rate
  • Body composition analysis - % body fat, muscle mass, body water, bone mass
  • Visceral fat
  • Urine analysis
  • Blood glucose

How it works

Stage 1 – Information gathering

Before the first consultation, you will be asked to complete a 7-day diet diary, training schedule and medical evaluation form. You will be sent a urine sample collection pot by post. You will complete the genetic test, a cheek swab, and the finger-prick blood test at home and submit these by post prior to your consultation.

Stage 2 – The consultation

We will meet face-to-face in my clinic or via Skype for your convenience, for us to talk through your results and for me to explain my analysis and give you your report. 

How to order

SportFit price: £395 includes your complete package - the at-home tests (worth £300), in-clinic tests, consultation and report. 

Please email to order, or complete the form on the Contact page.

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