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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy


Our digestive system – the route to best health

Nutritional Therapy is exciting. I believe that it gives us the power to reclaim our own health. It is a recognised complementary therapy, founded on evidence-based research. Nutritional Therapy is based on the medical principles of Functional Medicine. I advise people how to eat and drink in a way personalised to their genetic predispositions, lifestyle preferences and health goals.

Nutritional Therapy places great emphasis on the fact that we are all different. These differences are made by the interactions between our genes, our environment and the food we eat. Each of us has our own genetic code, and the instructions that those genes give to our cells is influenced by the food that we eat and lifestyle that we live. This explains why different people can eat the same diet yet experience very different effects from that diet. To understand more, you can read about how the science of nutrigenomics seeks to explain the influence of food and lifestyle on the function or ‘expression’ of our genes.

Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Before your first consultation, I will send you important health questionnaires and a 3-day diet diary, for you to complete and email or post back to me. I take many hours to analyse this information thoroughly and prepare your overall strategy. At your first appointment, I will do some medical tests and measurements, like blood pressure and waist to hip ratio, together with more sophisticated analysis of your body composition. Together we will talk through your medical timeline, or chronological story of events that have led to your current state of health. 

After this fact-finding stage, I will take some time to explain your important symptoms and the physiological imbalances underlying them. By addressing these imbalances, we work with the underlying causes of your symptoms, not the symptoms themselves. At this stage, I may recommend further in-clinic, GP or private tests to evaluate your nutritional, digestive and hormonal function. Private tests do incur an additional charge. I also use private genetic testing, as this informs me of your unique nutritional needs.

In the last part of the consultation, we agree achievable short, medium and long-term goals with a realistic plan that works alongside your dietary preferences and lifestyle. I will support you all that I can, with handouts, internet links, useful apps, recipe books and whatever else you need to help you implement the changes. I will email your summary report and recommendations to you within 2 working days after the consultation.

Follow up consultations

Follow-up consultations are critical. Few people can make all the changes alone. However, the frequency and number is negotiable and flexible, so you can come when it best suits you. Booking several follow-on consultations, as a discounted package, are a cost-effective way to focus on larger and more complex health issues, which typically take more time to address. You have the option of adding osteopathic treatment and hypnotherapy where it will help you.


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