New Dawn Health


“I went to see Dawn as an experienced cyclist trying to lose weight for an endurance event later this year.  Dawn quickly established that I was gluten intolerant and also consuming far too much refined carbohydrate.  She provided me with a radically altered diet that was easy to follow as well as enjoyable.  My symptoms rapidly disappeared, and over the last three months I have seen truly amazing changes in my body composition.  As well as losing significant amounts of body fat, my muscle mass has increased substantially. I now have more strength and energy meaning I can train harder and longer than previously.

Dawn, you have helped me bring about significant changes to my health and wellbeing, for which I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  Thank you."

 - Mr. H., Wilts

"truly amazing changes"

"really understands me"

“You know that Dawn is a professional. Her consultation is very thorough. She took time to really understand what was important to me and her suggestions were realistic, but at the same time, she motivated me to achieve more than I thought I could. It’s easy to trust Dawn, you know her heart is in her work.”
 - Mr. S., Corsham

"friendly and personable"

“I just wanted to let you know that the help you are giving me with regard to my diet and nutrition, following my diagnosis of Coeliac disease and before that, is clearly working.  I have put on half a stone, my bowel function is much improved and people say I look healthier.  So, a massive ‘thank you’ for your help and interest in my well-being. 
I also wanted to say that in addition to being impressed by your professionalism and dedication, you have been tremendously friendly and personable, making the process enjoyable, as well as health-improving!
Many thanks again."
 - GJ, Bath

"her magical hands"

"I was born with my head tilting to the left, which developed a curvature of my spine and severe stenosis at L5/S1. But I still wanted to pursue an active sporting life and so became an obvious "regular customer" for manual therapies. 
The prime feature of Dawn's analysis is with her 'magical' hands that locate and identify the cause of my pain. Then those hands go to work with just the right strength and sympathy. I always leave my sessions with Dawn feeling better, relaxed - physically and mentally. She is at the top of her game.
Dawn is very knowledgeable on diet and medications and when asked, she communicates intelligently with my GP and consultants. She is definitely the one who motivates me most to keep active, encouraging and demonstrating the exercises in a user-friendly, un-bossy way. I remain loyal to Dawn who is indisputably THE BEST for me." 
 - MSR, Chippenham

"I push myself pretty hard in sport, running marathons, ultramarathons, cycling, martial arts and climbing, and as a man in my 40s my relentless pursuit of adventure invariably leads to the usual array of injuries and aches and pains. Dawn is always there to fix me up, take away my pain, straighten me out and get me moving again...all while sensibly and carefully guiding me to take better care of my body at the same time. To me, Dawn is knowledgeable, skilled, professional and trustworthy, full of helpful advice and an understanding ear."
 - Mr W, Wilts

"takes away my pain"

“When I met Dawn, 5 years ago, she was like a breath of fresh air, both in her attitude and her confidence, however she never promised to 'cure' me but she did say that she could help me feel better and she has.
Since day one i have always felt totally at ease and confident in trusting Dawn, as letting people do things to you when you're in pain requires great trust, not only has she helped me with my pain but also she has helped me learn to manage it better myself, with advise about various exercises and dietary changes over the years.
I cannot recommend Dawn highly enough.”
 - TB, Chippenham

"breath of fresh air"

"I just wanted to let you know... you have changed my life and made me so happy! I am currently on Cloud9 after completing 70.3 Mallorca Ironman without any symptoms and got a 10 minute PB! I am so grateful!" - Mrs LA, Chippenham